Comic Book Lettering Services

Why do you need professional Comic Book lettering? Because even though readers might not be able to immediately pinpoint it, many could tell you that sub-par or confusing lettering takes away from the reader’s experience.

Independent Comic Books often miss this key element which really helps them to shine! Do not let your great story become a miss with readers because of lettering. Proper lettering can be time consuming, and can depend heavily on the editing process.

Not sure why you need our Comic Book lettering services? Have a look below:



Our Process

First, we being with a review of your existing pages. We look for typos, placement, and examine the support dialogue elements, such as captions and word balloon styles, as well as the use (if applicable or needed) of onomatopoeias (SFX – like POW!). Next, we create a sample page to highlight how we can help improve your lettering. From there, we move ahead to put the finishing touches on your book, and ensure that the lettering drives your story forward.

Our Rates

Rates for lettering begin at $25 USD per page, depending on the need and positioning of current dialogue elements. Please note, we do require high resolution, layered artwork (.clip, .ai, .psd etc.) to give you the best possible results.

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