Comic Book Copywriting and Script Review

Great stories exude passion, are compelling, and engage the reader. This is achieved through finding the right balance between effective writing, vocabulary and narrative. Copywriting can be the single biggest challenge associated with launching a literary project; a lack of effective copy is a lack of an effective story. So, what makes us different from the thousands of copywriters and editors that are online?

We know, love, and understand effective copywriting for comic books. Our team has over 30 years experience in reading, reviewing, and understanding what makes a Comic Book or graphic novel great. Efficiency, placement, visualization and story-telling take on dimensions that simply do not exist in any other medium; these complex relationships need to be managed in an expert way to tell the best possible story with maximum impact.

We love independent projects, and work hard to make a great service that is truly accessible. A small investment can be a game changer for your Comic Book projects.

The Shooting Star Press
The Shooting Star Press – sample panel from Aski: Rumble in the Lost Temple

And the best part? If you publish with us under our Lucha Comics brand, you get our expertise for free. Simply contact us, and we will be glad to see what we can do for you.