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1984 and the Public Domain

While I would go on to complete a degree in Economics, and later end up in Project Management, one of the most important aspects of my education came in Grade 12. Mrs. Boughner, an intelligent, tough, but always fair English teacher taught me a valuable set of skills: how to write, how to understand what you just read, and how to clearly express your position on something.

This class alone was probably the most important part of my high school education. As much as I still use these skills on a daily basis, it also did one other great thing for me – it introduced me to what is still one my favourite novels – George Orwell’s 1984.


What to look for in a publisher

So, you have taken the time to really create a firm concept, and now you want to find yourself a publisher. Where do you begin, who do you go to? I would like to share some insights as to how you might find a publisher that matches your work, personality and goals. But before we begin, here is what you should have:


How do I Publish a Comic Book?

How do I Publish a Comic Book?

It’s easy – trust us to be your partner! Currently, we publish, market and distribute digital comic books from around the world under the brandname Lucha Comics. If you need help bringing your comic book to the English speaking market, or wish to translate your works into another language, you’ve come to the right place!

First, we begin by reviewing your submission and making sure that it is a fit for our brand. Once approved, we will work with you to professionally edit and layout your comic book to get it ready for the biggest digital markets, like ComiXology and Graphicly. We work hard to make sure that you succeed, so that we can build a better brand.

Most importantly, you retain the rights to your creations, and profits are split in an equitable way.

We are always looking for new content, so begin by reviewing our submission criteria here, then get in touch.
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